Open the settings of your sound card. If you have it built into the motherboard, go to the control panel of the computer and select audio devices. Click the Realtek configuration (in some cases, Realtek HD), find the settings tab, the microphone and uncheck delay effect sound. Open setting up the mixer and mute the Mic Volume. Apply the changes and close all Windows by clicking OK.
If the delay of sound occurs when only one specific application, open the settings of your sound and adjust the delay parameters. Best turn additional effects for the microphone, because they can impact the responsiveness of your sound device. If you accidentally changed any setting and now do not know how to disable it, find the reset for the sound. Apply and save the changes.
In order to fix the problem with the microphone, make sure that the driver for the sound card is properly installed. Best download the latest version from the official developer site, delete the old together with the system folder in the appropriate directory and install a new one. Restart the computer and run the microphone setup in the appropriate section of the control panel or in programmes that will use this device.
If your computer has an external sound card, look for a special configuration setting that will help you to remove the delay from MIC to configure the sound device properly. Typically, these instructions are attached to the disk, they can also be found on the Internet. Please note that while you definitely need to know the model of your sound card.