Sort linen by color and degree of contamination. Carefully study the composition of the tissues. It is necessary to look at the labels that are sewn into the side seam of the garment. They contain the material type and washing conditions. Be sure to follow the manufacturers ' instructions.
Use a gel or powder recommended for the automatic washing and having the corresponding mark on the label. Universal detergents usually contain bleach. Therefore, it is recommended to select compounds specifically designed for the type of fabric you are going to wash. Exactly follow the recommended dosage of detergent.
Weigh linen and load it into the tank of the washing machine. Never exceed the maximum load. With a small amount of dirty Laundry, it is recommended to use the program half load - this will reduce cycle time and save electricity.
When you load lightly soiled linen should not use a prewash. Rejection this feature will help reduce the consumption of water and electricity.
Select the wash cycle. In addition to the basic modes of washing, such as "cotton", "synthetics", "wool", "gentle wash" and "hand wash", new models of washing machines LG is equipped with a number of additional programs.
New technology "6 movements of care" used in the "Cotton eco" is well suited to lightly soiled whites and colored fabrics. In this case the full cycle and energy costs noticeably reduced.
The cycle of "Daily wash" is recommended for the care of clothing made of synthetic fabrics. "Silent wash" is perfect for use at night, when lower tariffs for electricity.