In order to successfully choose a machine-a machine you must first define your needs and capabilities. First and foremost, to define for themselves what amount you are willing to spend on this acquisition. Set the boundaries of the proposed costs will clearly highlight the price segment, which will cover the existing models.
Another important point is the preferred size of a washing machine. Unfortunately, for most typical Russian apartments every 10-15 cm additional equipment can be critical. So before you choose a washing machine-machine, should be allocated in a flat place for a future purchase and carefully measure (width, height, depth). The resulting dimensions are the maximum allowable for the chosen model machine.
The third step is the selection of the load type washing machine. All modern machines-the slot machines are divided into machines with vertical loading and horizontal. And those other models have their advantages and disadvantages, so the choice largely depends on personal preference. Think how loads of Laundry would be good for you – top or side? Common opinion is that the machine is more reliable, but it is not so. The reliability of the washing machine depends on its technical characteristics producing company and compliance with the rules of operation.
Having defined the price segment and size of the machine, you can move on to studying brands. Today the home appliances market there are a large number of domestic and foreign firms specializing in the sale of washing machines. The main criteria for the selection of machines-machines serve the same number of revolutions during the spin cycle of Laundry. This value depends on the engine power, and therefore the price of the car. A better indicator is 800-1000 rpm.
Additional features are such features as the number of washing programmes, timer delay start, AQUASTOP, child lock, easy iron, etc., to better navigate the variety of existing models and make the best choice before buying it is desirable to read specialized magazines, telling about the features of different models and brands, as well as articles on the Internet. It is useful also to get acquainted with the owners about using the washing machines and provide firm service, as many small notes you never hear from the representatives of the brands.