Photos in mailboxes will be deleted after e-mail settings. To remove a photo, for example, the service "Yandex.Mail" start the browser in the usual way and log in to your mailbox. Click on the link "settings" (located in the upper right corner of the window of the postal service, right under the email address).
In the opened window "settings" select the "sender Information", clicking on it with the left mouse button. In the new window, find the "My picture" and click on the "Delete" button located directly under your picture. Confirm your action in the query window. Click on the "Save changes".
In that case, if you need to delete the photo from the profile on the website (the forum), go to the site using your username and password. Open "my account" and sign in with the profile settings. Select the "My pictures" or another section with a similar name. Click "Delete [the picture]" and save your changes.
If you need to remove photos from messages left on the site, go to your post that contains the photo using the "Edit" button. Remove references to pictures. If you attached a photo, respectively, clear the marker next to those images that should not be displayed in the message. This method is possible only in case if the site allowed participants to make changes to your posts.
If you upload photos to the hosting, and then posted links to them on various sites, you can delete these photos directly from the photo sharing site. This method is suitable only if you register on the exchanger and have a personal account. Enter the username and password, go to your folder with pictures, select the image marker that you no longer need and click Remove.