You will need
  • — knitting needles No. 2-2,5-3 (depending on thickness of thread);
  • — yarn — 50-60g (colored or plain);
  • — needle stitching details
To start, measure the width, length and height of your phone with a ruler. Suppose that the width of the phone is 4.5 cm, length 9.5 cm, height 2 cm So the total width of case is approximately 6.5 cm and a length of about 11 cm Select the picture you want to knit a case for your phone. This can be as a convex pattern, for example, "spit", and simple facial surface, which can then be sewn on beads, rhinestones or sequins.
Associate trial sample, approximately 6х6см to calculate the number of loops. Suppose that the number of loops per 1 cm is equal to two, then to cover the spokes need to score 13 loops. Typing loop, knit in your chosen pattern 11 see If you want your case was with the valve, then need to further knit into 5-6 cm
The resulting strip is slightly amperite iron without touching knits the sole of the iron, otherwise the convex pattern may be tapered. Sew the sides of the strip between the folding of the strip inside out. Instead of a needle you can use a hook, in this case, the product does not need to put the right sides inward. Start to tie the case in a circle, starting from the bottom of columns without nakida. Can tie the cover of lush columns with nakida and knit one loop from 3 to 6 lush bars. So the edge of the case will turn out relief. Remove the case.
If you've connected the box with a valve, pick a button and link the hook from the center of the valve a chain of air loops to form a loop for the buttons.