Holder of plywood

To make this holder you will need a thin plywood, two bowls of the same shape, but of different diameter, tape, stain or paint for wood, varnish and PVA glue.

On the plywood draw the outline of the hand – his or someone else's – with fingers slightly apart. Then you should cut her hands. For cutting it is best to use a jig saw. After hand cut, grind first major, and then fine sandpaper the edge of the workpiece. Instead of the contour of the palm of your hand, you can use the form of a maple leaf, stars, etc.

The stand should give a curved appearance. Take a big pot, pour on the bottom a little water. In the water for about ¼ immerse some thing – she will play the role of a pedestal for your stand. Soak in warm water a plywood workpiece. When the water in the pan boils, the workpiece set on the pan immersed in the pedestal.

Depending on the thickness of plywood, the process of steaming of the workpiece takes 7-10 minutes. After the billet has become soft, take a bowl of larger diameter, place it in the prepared plywood, and the top cover with the second bowl. In the upper bowl, put something heavy as a weight and leave to dry overnight.

In the morning you will find that the plywood has been split – it's not scary. Each layer of plywood should be coated with white glue and again put in a bowl and secure it with tape. The top should also be put a second bowl and press the weight.

Leave to dry (about a day). Then finally grind and decorrelate stain or paint or just varnish.

Simple holders

Stand of corks from wine is extremely simple. Take two caps from the wine. Each of them should make a sloping hole size with the thickness of your phone. On each tube the same contour point under the angle that you will be comfortable. Cut holes along the contour with a knife. The phone must be inserted in both tubes, placing them at the edges of the device. Below the tube is not lost, connect them with string or wire.

Another stand is just a few seconds from the two clips for paper. You'll need two clips – one large and another smaller. Put on the small clamp handles so that they were pointing in the same direction perpendicular to the base of the clip. Large, open and place the handle of the little clip. Your stand is ready.

Also a holder for your phone can be done in origami, turning many small triangular elements and making them in a convenient order.