You will need
  • Knitting needles, yarn
Very easy to tie the bag with needles on their own, even if you have little experience in knitting. To start with what the bag you are knitting. Imagine what clothes it should match where you plan to go with it and what will it wear depends on the color, size and style of the future product.
Create the sketch, and the pattern of your bag. If you are good at knitting, then you will not be difficult to design their own scheme of knitting; but if you are just beginning to knit, then perhaps you should turn to specialized journals or Amateur sites. There you can find a lot of models and diagrams of knitting bags to knitting needles. If you decide to knit according to the scheme, then be sure to use it in the specified yarn or similar yarn in composition and thickness. The same number of spokes, it is always indicated in the job description.
Consider the presence or absence of lining. If you are going to knit a big spacious bag, it is best to sew the lining inside of it to keep in shape. In addition, the lining is comfortable because you will be able to sew her pockets for keys, phone, and subsequently will not be able to find these details on the bottom of the bag. For a small bag or bag lining is not needed.
Don't forget about the accessories. Select the appropriate fastener for bags: buttons or zipper. Also today, in any store for handy people sell interesting charms, handles for bags.
So you've found the right model, bought everything you need. Now start knitting, reminding yourself of how great you will look with a new accessory, and your spokes will be a fine knitted bag.