To attract houseovogo in the house, in the evening, or at midnight on the new moon (or rising moon) light the candle, pour into a saucer of milk, and put another piece of bread and call homeovogo, Promise well to treat him and ask him the same. Better to do it in a room where nobody sleeps, and then close it until the morning.
It is believed that the most homeoriented good and will help, if they are to make contact. Express gifts, e.g. chocolates, biscuits, milk and sugar. They can be put under the battery, on the fridge, in the corner, etc. Refer to the houseovomu, ask him to take the treat, protect the building and not harm its inhabitants, to attract good luck and prosperity. The next day pour the drink on the street or in the sink. Candy can be left until next time. Buy houseovogo every month, as well as for family holidays. If you have a curio or figurine in the houseovogo, you can leave the Goodies RYAthe house with him. It is believed that buildingthe new likes gifts. Try to leave him a box without lid with beautiful buttons, beads or coins.
If you decided to bring homeovogo, clean. It is believed that buildinga new order of love in the homee, and unscrupulous owners they dislike. Is believed also that they don't like tobacco smoke. Even before was the Day the house ofovogo when trying to keep the house clean and don't swear to the guardian of the houseand could have a good rest and was favorable to the hosts. There are opinions that the houseroom is in everyhouse a housee or apartment, and the nature of it depends on the atmosphere in the home and in the family. He helps good and houserooftop owners, find lost things, protects the house from theft and fire. Unwelcome guests in this housee do not stay and feel uncomfortable. But most of all, buildingmarketing still is not in all dwellings.
With houseish is linked to different beliefs. It is believed that he has sex, but is traditionally referred to as "Grandfather", "Father", "Boss" etc. Try to address him in words, to greet the morning and to say goodbye, leaving for work, while asking him to look after the houseof om. The house may live under the ceiling or at the battery in any other place. Sometimes he likes to play with animals, it is considered that, for example, cats can even see and to see viewsof the house.
If you are moving and want to take homeovogo with you on the threshold say something like: "my Master, come with me." In the evening ask him to get in the bag or the bag that I will take with me to a new apartment.