You will need
  • - candle from the Church;
  • - milk;
  • - med;
  • - gingerbread;
  • - candy;
  • - a broom or a Shoe.
According to legend, the brownie lives behind the stove (in a modern version – over the stove). If there it is not comfortable, you may choose a cozy dark corner. It is from here went to the habit to sweep away the crumbs for oven – to treat the owner of the house.
In order to understand whether you have a house, listen to the night noises in your apartment. Perhaps you are so used to them that they don't notice in the kitchen or the hallway, something POPs, knocks, rattles. If your household or animals at this time also have a rest, most likely, there is hosting spirit of the house.
Living in a private home, can, according to the beliefs of their ancestors, to see a house on Christmas, Easter or Maundy Thursday. For this you need a Church candle, which you have previously separated the entire service. Climb to the attic with a lit candle, and the house will seem, if it be his wish.
To discover a house you and in the footsteps of his "life". It is known that he is a gourmand, preferring honey, milk, cakes, candy. Leave the stove or in a dark corner, treats for the house, and if in the morning you will discover that sweets is gone, then the landlord has accepted your gift. Don't forget that Pets will feast on the delicacies house will not be mad, he loves animals and plays with them.
If after an unsuccessful search for you understand that house paid attention to your apartment, don't worry – you can find it for themselves elsewhere. Go to the village, where the houses abandoned by its inhabitants. Select the most clean and cute house. In such a will probably be to live in the house, maintaining order in anticipation of the arrival of the owners. Put the treat on the floor and invite brownie to go to you live.
Go to this house after a while. If the spirit in you will throw the object (that is, you suddenly will fall an item) or howl, then to live with you he did not intend. And if you knock on the wall, place a broom or shoes. Say aloud: "Brownie, get in the sleigh, come with us". Home spirit accepts your invitation and you will be able to bring it to his apartment.