For starters, the rule is to remove from the table all the food and drinks out of reach place – the fridge or Cabinet. Purchase in store of esoteric products some incense, help to banish evil spirits. Usually for these purposes, choose frankincense or sandalwood. Periodically okuribito home with these incense. In addition, stock up on Holy water. With her help sprinkle all the corners in the house, directing the spray upwards, towards the ceiling.
If you are not afraid to go with the family to contact, try to offer him a deal: exchange a small gift on his departure. This will fit a small toy or a deck of cards. Gift to put in any remote place in the house with the words "Take and leave". Within a few days the house needs to take the gift and leave your house.
If these measures do not work, and the house will continue to harass you or to annoy, start stronger from the energy point of view. Daily except Friday take a broom and walk with it in all corners, with the power of sweeping out all the negative energy. By performing this action, repeat the following phrase: "Sweeps you, a stranger, harmful house, kicked out". Continue to sweep from the house to the evil entity in a period of time – this period should be enough to home left your home.
If you feel alone you can not cope with the family, take his assistant cat. However, this cat is sure to be the yard, as Pets from birth are taught to get along with household. Maybe you'll get lucky and brought into the house the cat will be able to kick out of the house for a couple of days. But you have to be prepared that this process may take weeks.
Another of the assistants to get rid of a house can be a parrot or other bird. Before you get the bird lure brownie cookies and milk. Then, a few days, put a plate of treats near the cage with your parrot. Then the bird will be able to keep a house.