Most flowers can be dried, except those which are thin and delicate petals of inflorescences. Narcissus, peony are difficult to air drying.
To dry flowers, gather them in dry weather, on days when there is morning dew.
Plants with inflorescences, collected in small bundles, hang heads down. For good air circulation around the flowers, the bundles must be bound is not tight. In a loose bouquet ofe-flowers are not deformed.
Plants such as immortelle, hydrangea, honesty put in a vase. It should be a little bit of water. More water don't refill. The flowers will drink it gradually dries.
Try not to put the flowers in sunlight and near a heater. Excessive drying will cause the plant will crumble. Properly dried flowers should remain strong.
Arrange the flowers on a horizontal surface so as to not get crushed blossoms.
Spikelets with seed pods sprinkle of hairspray. Then the boxes will not crack.
Dry the flowers in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area. In such circumstances, they'll dry in a week.
Interesting glycerine method of drying flowers. It is suitable for plants that have dense foliage. Glycerin permeates the flower, gradually displacing the water from it. The plant becomes flexible and glossy. This method of drying takes 2 weeks. In any container, pour 1 part glycerin and 2 parts hot water. Cut the stem at an angle and mash it. Lower the plant into the solution and put in a cool dark place. If necessary, pour the solution. Zapotevshie leaves immediately wipe. Ready leaves the gloss.
By using silica gel (silica powder) can be dried with more gentle flowers – peonies, daffodils, buttercups. To do this, pour in a box of silica powder. Carefully place the flowers (roses head up).Carefully spoon or pour through a sieve the powder. Be careful not to damage the petals. Tightly close the box. Check the flowers every day. It is important not to overdry! The finished flowers look like paper, but strong. Powder if desired reuse.
Flowers can be dried and with the help of paraffin. Melt the paraffin and, having moistened the brush, paint mascara on each petal. The movement of the brush from the top to the core of the Bud. Allow to dry and proceed to the next. This way you can save almost any flower.
Dry a bouquetyou put in the wooden vases, clay pots, wicker baskets.