Advice 1: How to boil potatoes for salad

Potato is one vegetable that is not consumed in salads raw. Always just boiled. Or, at least, is baked. Owing to his taste, and the presence in the product of harmful solanine, which is partly disintegrate and loses its poisonous properties, namely the heat treatment. But to boil potatoes for salad in several ways.
How to boil potatoes for salad
You will need
    • Potatoes
    • pan
    • water
    • salt
    • knife for cleaning of vegetables
If you prefer the potatoes "in uniform", pick up desired amount of potatoes of approximately equal size. It is advisable to choose the root of the average value. In this case they cook quickly and almost simultaneously. Thoroughly wash all the potatoes, if necessary, RUB the peel with a stiff sponge or soft brush.
Put the potatoes in a small volume (the liquid should only 3 /4 to cover the upper tubers) of boiling water. Cover the pan with a lid. Water, salt, 10 minutes after the start of cooking. Cook the potatoes on low heat for 15-20 minutes, until tender. It is easy to check with a fork or sharp knife: when the root vegetables are easily pierced, they were cooked.
The tubers cool and peel. Taste the potatoes "in uniform" differs from the one cooked without the peel. It has a more dense and not decaying structure. It is easy to cut into neat cubes. And therefore, it is necessary for salads in which the ingredients need to save the form.
If the quality of potatoes is low, cook it cleaned. Wash the required number of tubers and remove the peel with a knife for cleaning of vegetables. Cut large, equal pieces – halves, quarters. The smaller the slices, the faster cooked potatoes. Dip slices in boiling water. Water pour not too much – the top layer is cooked for a couple. Cook under a lid. Cooking time varies from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on potato varieties. Water add salt before the end of cooking, in three minutes. Readiness determine empirically. Immediately drain almost all the water. Leave just enough to the potatoes not welded to the bottom. Let cool and prepare the salad.
If you have a steamer, boil peeled potatoes in it. In this case, the roots will remain the density and taste resembling a potato "in uniform". In steam the potatoes cook a little longer – about 20 minutes. Readiness check in the same way – pierced with a fork.
Starting from February last year to cook the potatoes "in uniform" is not recommended. At this time, in the potato peel is the most intense form harmful solanine.
Useful advice
Cooking time for young and old potatoes, and different varieties of this vegetable may differ significantly.

Advice 2 : How to cook potatoes for salad

From as cooked potatoes for salad, depends not only appearance but also the taste of the dish. Harsh and too it raw or boiled, it will be upsetting to the hostess, preparing a salad for a dinner party or dinner at home. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly cook potatoes for salad.
How to cook potatoes for salad
You will need
    • potato tubers;
    • pan;
    • food salt.
Choose salad potato tubers of approximately the same size as after cooking larger potatoes can be undercooked, and small – too soft after boiling.
Wash the potatoes thoroughly under running water or at least two times in a bowl (initially to wash off the main dirt and rinsing the tubers in clean water).
Do not clean the tubers from the skin, as they not only preserved a greater amount of nutrients, but they are less mushy. This potatoes boiled in the skin, called the potatoes "in uniform".
Prepare a pan for cooking potatoes. It should be big enough as to consider that the water level in it is higher than the level of stacked potatoes.
Pour the prepared for cooking the potatoes in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Water should not only hide the potato, but its level is at least 1 cm must be above the tubers.
Add water, a little salt at the rate of about half a teaspoon of salt in 1 litre of water. This will allow the skin does not crack during cooking.
Place the pot with potatoes on full heat and wait for boiling water.
Reduce heat to the minimum at which boiling does not stop. This is to ensure that the potatoes have roasted evenly throughout the volume, and not cracked would be the top and would not remain raw, which is quite possible when cooking it on high heat.
Follow the readiness of the tubers. To do this, after 20 minutes of cooking thin stick or toothpick to carefully pierce one or two potatoes to the middle. If the object easily enters the flesh of the vegetable, the potatoes are ready and further cooking is not required.
Note that the approximate cooking time of the potatoes is from 20 to 30 minutes. The duration depends mainly on the cultivar and storage conditions.
After boiling, carefully drain the water from the pan, allow the potatoes to cool. You can immediately fill in for 1-2 minutes hot tubers in cold water so the potatoes will cool down faster and to clean it from the peel will be easier.
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