Take new potatoes and clean it from the skin. It is very convenient to do it by means of metal brushes for washing dishes. If the potatoes are not too young, clean it using a regular knife, slice the peel very thin.
Cut the potatoes into halves or quarters. Small potatoes need not be cut. Try to keep the potatoes were about the same size.
Take the saucepan of the size required, pour cold water, then put on medium heat and bring to a boil. When the water boils, turn down the fire and put in water the peeled potatoes. If you want to get more dense potatoes, salt it at the end of cooking, if you want the potatoes turned out soft and boiled, salt it in the beginning of cooking.
Cook the potatoes on low heat for 15-30 minutes, after covering the pan with a lid. The cooking time of potatoes depends on its size, the readiness, you can check with a toothpick. In any case, do not use to check the readiness of a sharp knife, as the potatoes may fall apart into several pieces, and it will spoil the appearance of the dish. When the potato is ready, carefully drain water from pan.
A pot of boiled new potatoes and cover with a kitchen towel and leave on for fifteen minutes. After the time put the potatoes in a dish or on plates.
Boiled new potatoes serve with fresh herbs and vegetable oil. For this finely chop the green onions, dill and parsley, add the greens to the potatoes, then season the dish with vegetable oil. It is better to take the oil with a smell to boiled potatoes turned out even tastier. Also, fill the dish, you can thick sour cream.
Boiled new potatoes are ready! Such potatoes will be a great side dish for meat and fish.