First, select a couple of hours for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood where your store is located. What other women's clothing stores exist in the area? What a lot of customers, and in what little? It is a good idea to make a list of the names of all these stores and analyze it.
In the store it should work on sale of goods, including the name. If the shop doesn't get customers, it means that some element (a element in this case can be anything and the location, and the sellers, and the title in particular) does not work on sale of its goods. Divide your list of store names in two columns: the first will go the names of those shops, where there is always a lot of customers, and secondly, the names of those where they have little or no at all.
Ask yourself the question: what may not please the client the names of those stores that it doesn't slide? The reasons are usually the following:

1. the name does not cause any associations with a range (for Example, a women's clothing store "Astra". How are clothes and flowers?)

2. the name is hard to remember, it is impersonal. ("Lanta-3").

3. such names are many and so they, too, are not remembered. (Remember how many open shops, called female names! After visiting the "Julia" a client will forget that the same dress seen in Victoria, and cheaper... Or was it Svetlana?")

4. the name is false Association. (Women's clothing store "Elit" category "economy").
The preceding errors, it is better not to do. Now let's see which names are "successful" stores. Not necessarily that these names - the masterpiece of the naming, but at least they are likely well remembered and cause the desired Association. So it is possible to obtain examples that we should emulate.
The basic signs of a good title: punch and the emergence of positive associations. The buyer should want to visit your store, even just to see what you sold. In addition, the title should be designed for your target audience. Therefore, a women's clothing store for young girls may not have the same name as the store for the ladies. Also important is the style of clothing you sell, its price category.
Some shop owners of women's clothing question: how come there is a shop NafNaf? Or Sela? It is understood that these brands of women's clothing in Russia for a long time, they have proven themselves, it is a brands. And the title here plays a minimal role. In addition, in the first case (NafNaf) is a kind of originality, and as for Russian buyers and European. One who creates a unique store, you should not be on such names.