You will need
  • - gas valve (if needed, it should be clarified when you call in the gas service);
  • documents (contract on gas supply, technical data sheet).
Call the experts of gas service or private organization licensed to perform work on this profile. The phone will notify the type of fault and make an application for the replacement of the crane.
Buy the faucet from a retailer. Experts advise to buy the ball valves female (nut-nut), as it is the most reliable and service life is much longer than cork. This allows you to set the dielectric insert.
Prepare a contract for gas supply and technical passport (it will be submitted marked with the seal of the employee of gas service on the replacement of the gas crane).
Light the gas and shut off its tap near the gas meter. Leave the burner lit until full attenuation. The attenuation of the burner means that all the gas in the pipe burned out. Now on arrival the experts will be able to proceed immediately to the replacement tap.
In the room where it will be undergoing renovations to open the window. This should be done in the event of a gas leak. It is desirable that the window was open a few - to create a draft that will quickly ventilate the room from gas.
During the works are close to the people, replace the faucet. Follow the correct execution of works and compliance with safety regulations. If you believe that the employee can prevent a gas leak, warn him in advance.
Along with specialists examine the installed tap on the gas leak. Make a test of the burner plate.
Provide technical certificate and ask for confirmation of the replacement of the crane and work on the pipeline.
Leave the Windows open for 15 to 30 minutes for complete ventilation of the room.