You will need
  • — a wide screwdriver "minus";
  • — based lubricant grease or graphite;
  • — gag;
  • — dry cloth.
Before starting work, inspect the gas tap, please note, the working part of the craneand made in the form of a cone, with a through hole, it is pressed by a spring, which is twisted wide tube (you will see it on the other side of the control stick).
If you can not cut off the gas, try to lubricate gas tap without cut. First disconnect the electrical power to all appliances that are in the room where you are performing gas hazardous work (electric cooker, kettle, fridge, microwave, etc.). Ask all strangers to leave the room, close the door, if possible and open the window. Remember, the room should not be open flame or possibility of spark, so remove matches and do not smoke nearby.
Unscrew with a screwdriver and remove tube from tapand spring and cone valve. Plug tap gag to reduce gas output. Can be in the form of gag to use a damp cloth in a plastic bag. Wipe the valve cone from the old grease and apply a thin layer of new grease, not obmazyvat holes.
Quickly remove the gag from the tapand insert the cone into place. Install the spring and hold it with a stopper.
After that, ventilate the room and soap emulsion, coat the tap. If the soap does not bubble, then the work is considered over.
If the room has the possibility of stopping delivery of gas, be sure to use it, so you'll reduce the risk of a possible accident. Turn off the gas on the pipeline where the repaired the faucet. Unscrew with a screwdriver the plug and remove the insides of the faucet.
Wipe the valve cone with a dry cloth to remove residues of old grease. After that, apply on the valve cone, a thin layer of grease, not obmazyvat holes. Install the valve cone, spring and plug.
Open the gas supply to the appliance and brush the soapy emulsion of the cork tap. If you have not noticed the bloating bubbles in the suds, the replacement of grease on the tape was successful.
If inside soap foam bubbles inflate, it means that somewhere there is a leak of gas. Try to reassemble the faucet, if the leak persists, call a gas service, the gas leakage can cause explosion.