"Polyoxidonium" affects the immune system and helps the body cope with infection etiology. The drug is used in pediatric and therapeutic practice, as well as in gynecology, surgery, urology and Oncology. In the midst of epidemics of SARS and influenza the product is used as a prophylactic and as a cure accelerating recovery. "Polyoxidonium" is compatible with almost any medication, almost does not cause side effects and well tolerated.
To conduct intramuscular injection to the contents of the vial add 1.5-2 ml of saline. For intravenous injections — 3 ml of the Prepared solution should be used immediately.
For the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases guide the course of 5-10 injections "Polyoxidonium". The first three days take one shot. Subsequent one, but after a day. Thus, the course of treatment will take approximately 1-2. 5 weeks depending on the severity of your condition.The scheme of treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases similar to that described above. The only difference is that the first phase of treatment includes 3 daily injections, and 5. Therapeutic course consists of 10 injections.
When urogenital infections, as well as in patients with recurrent herpes take a course of treatment of 10 injections, each of which do through the day. Do not stop specific therapy (uroantiseptiki, antivirals), "Polyoxidonium" is only an additional tool.
Recovery after chemo - and radiotherapy recommended a long course of treatment "Polyoxidonium". Injected 2 times a week for 2-3 months (in severe cases up to a year).
For the treatment of severe allergies (in the complex therapy) complete the course of treatment of five injections. The first two colitis daily, the remaining three ampoules finish during the week (one injection a day).