Before starting any medication, always consult your doctor. Only if he will prescribe you the drug polyoxidonium, begin to accept it.
Remember that injectable forms of the drug available in powder form which is Packed into vials, and requires dilution with distilled water.
If a medication is prescribed to a child, can instead of water to dissolve the powder polioksidonija novocaine or saline solution. In this case, the injections are not painful. Pre-consult with the attending physician.
Before the shot, lay on the table a sterile cloth. All operations you do on it. Open and assemble the syringe, slightly open the cap of the needle. Set aside on a napkin.
Open both vials (with medication and fluid dilution). Hold the syringe with the right hand, after removing the needle cap.
Carefully enter the liquid in the syringe, then squeeze it into the drug vial. Slightly shake and pull the liquid back.
Raise the syringe needle upwards, and gently shake so all the air going upstairs. Squeeze the air until you see a small fountain. If at least one air bubble left - pull back on the plunger and repeat the procedure.
Carefully put the syringe on a sterile towel, closed the needle cap. Wet a piece of cotton wool with alcohol.
The injection site wipe with cotton wool, remove the cap from the needle and enter the needle at a right angle by approximately ¾ length. Choose syringes with thin needles.
Put the medicine in slowly. Then press lightly the skin near the injection with your finger and quickly remove the needle. Press the injection site with cotton swab with alcohol.