Based on what the computer diagnosticsthe Theory of bioresonance is based on the fact that each structural unit of the human body – the cell, the joints, the body has a certain range of frequency. Even a microbe, virus, helminth, or fungus resonate in its own way, ranging from a fraction to tens of thousands Hz. Pathological processes in the organs of the sick person significantly change the frequency spectrum, there are disharmonious fluctuations. Special instruments detect and record vibrations from all organs of the patient. Then the values of vibrations emanating from the organs of the sick person, compared with the computer memory a reference value. Estimated value of the variation of the oscillations of diseased organs from the norm. Analyzes the causes of such abnormalities, the diagnosis of the disease.And the computer diagnosis of the organism allows to identify the disease in the Bud, when the person has nothing bothers. Prevention and timely treatment of disease by using the method of computer diagnostics of diseases gives the chance for a favorable outcome. The accuracy of diagnosis at a medical computer diagnosis is approximately 97%, while the average doctor makes an accurate diagnosis only in 50% of cases.Huge information computer database compares favorably with the limited memory of the doctor. Therefore, the reliability of computer diagnostics over traditional diagnostics.Diagnostirovannaya computer diagnostics of diseases is performed using the patient wearing headphones that are connected to medical equipment. This procedure is absolutely harmless, patients are not exposed to any harmful influences from outside. Therefore, medical computer diagnostics can be recommended even to children and pregnant women.Computer diagnosis of the disease lasts for 20 minutes. During this time, a complete picture emerges of the status of all bodies of the patient. He issued a doctor's certificate, prescriptions, given advice on healthy lifestyle. And graphic color image of the results of the computer diagnosis of the organism. After appropriate treatment you need to re - diagnosis.Advantages of computer diagnostics:- time savings for the patient;- the possibility of screening for pregnant women and children;- the identification of a microbial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections;- receive full information about the state of health in the preclinical stage;- definition of the causality of pathological processes;- the issue at hand a graphical image of the results of computer diagnostics of diseases, the patient can monitor changes in his condition.