According to international standards for oils for automatic transmissions every 15,000 km (12,000 miles) you need to control the oil level in the box and refill it. If annual mileage is less than the specified digits, control the oil level at least 1 times a year. When you purchase a used car make sure to immediately replace the oil in the automatic transmission.
To check the oil level in the automatic transmission, set the car on a viewing hole or overpass or raise it on the lift. Switch off the engine and pick up the car from the bottom (so comfortable) and look on the pan control and the dipstick oil. Remove it, wipe dry and install in probe tube back. Then pull it out again and visually compare the oil level marked on the dipstick marks. The lowermost, dry place on the probe will correspond to the oil level inside the gearbox. While the top two marks you made on the dipstick (they may be the only) indicate the correct oil level for cold and warm condition of the transmission.
To check the level of oil should be used twice: on both cold and hot transmission. To warm up the automatic transmission, it is sufficient to drive the vehicle for about 15 km. The lower mark on the dipstick control is intended to approximate the amount of oil when changing. In addition, the control probe can carry information about the conditions of the control: the desired position of the selector automatic transmission and type of lubricant used.
Cars Honda and Acura oil you want to verify after reaching a predetermined operating temperature and with the engine off. On the cars equipped with automatic transmissions, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Proton, Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee oil level is monitored if it is set to the N position of the gear selector. The same condition must be observed for cars of Audi and Volkswagen with three-speed automatic transmission.
Many models of transmission, especially in Germany, have a test tube in the dipstick hole. The feature of the control procedures and adding oil is the inability to perform these operations without lifting the car. The good point to pour the oil in the box transmission is impossible. Five speed BMW boxes this tube is used for Gulf oil.
Make sure that the new oil is compatible with the existing. Refill the new oil to the level hole for the dipstick. After adding oil, check its level when muted and with the engine running. The gear selector must be in position P or N position, depending on the conditions of the procedure topping.