This method has found the most widespread. Drain oil , either by removing the pan, either through the drain plug. Pour oil through the hole for the dipstick. However, this method has a drawback: only merges half of the volume, and repeat the draining procedure several times.
With this method, you will need special equipment, so this method is widely used in stations, oil change. Oil pumped by a pump through a thin hose that pokes through the probe to control the oil. However, the hose does not reach to the bottom of the pan, so the procedure has to be repeated several times to suck up all the oil. This method is convenient because it does not require disassembly or pit.
How to change <strong>oil</strong> <em>box</em> machine
And the way used by professionals:

- Hose from the machine to the radiator is removed, and in its place plug-in similar but longer, the second end of which is inserted in an empty container. Then start the engine, and the oil itself is drained. After draining the engine must be silenced.

- Through the probe is filled with about 4 litres of cheap oil for flushing. Start the engine and drained it's oil. Then everything bolted and filled with quality oil. The engine must be started manually after the Gulf the first 3 liters.

This method provides the most complete oil change and washed and the torque Converter.

Remember that high quality and timely oil change will prolong the life of your transmission and ensure a comfortable and safe ride.
How to change <strong>oil</strong> <em>box</em> machine