If you are an Instagram user, and you have unlimited mobile Internet, run the program, then click located at the bottom of the screen a button with a stylized "square star". Turn on the search mode. Appears random snapshots. You can watch any of them, but you can find those who need you.
Enter a search term in the program and click the virtual keyboard with the magnifying glass. Scroll the virtual tape from the sketch to desired pictures, then click on it. It will open in full screen. It is possible to increase and decrease. To do this, place the screen with two fingers at once, and then without removing from the screen, respectively, increase or decrease the distance between them.
You can only search for users by nicknames. While in the search mode, click Users. Type in the search bar your desired user name and click the virtual keyboard button with the magnifying glass. You will see the list of users, nicknames which correspond to the search criteria. Select the desired user, and load the tape with his photographs. Now you can view any of them full screen by clicking on it.
In the absence of an account in Instagram, but the presence of a smartphone on Android or iOS and unlimited mobile Internet access, install the app Instagram, respectively, of Market or App Store. Run it and you will be asked to register. Registration is free and can replenish the virtual photo album then you are not obliged. You can only see photos taken by other users.
See photos to Instagram from computer or phone platform that is incompatible with this app (but also with a browser and unlimited Internet access), you can through the website "Webstorm". Pre-register to Instagram from someone else's compatible phone, and then immediately log out of your account, writing the username and password. Going to the website Webstagram, click on the "Login to Instagram", and then enter your username and password. You can now search for photos and view them.