To ease the pain, you need to take painkillers and to reduce inflammation shown nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Pain with spinal hernia can be very strong, so at the time of an acute attack recommended complete rest, giving the body the position where the pain subsides. Of the medications usually effective complexes of B vitamins, which provide nourishment to the nerves, and if the disease is accompanied by osteoporosis, then you need to take calcium-containing media.
Therapeutic exercises with spinal hernia is aimed at the development of mobility of the spine, stretching the joints, General health of the body. The main complex consists of exercises that are performed lying leg lifts, bent and straight, coups torso, the design of the press and back muscles, lifts pelvis. Flexion and extension of the spine, on his knees, in the pose of the cat helps to make the tissue elastic, to improve their circulation. Of all sports shown swimming and yoga.
Special traction of the spine on a vibrating machine should be done only after passing all tests, including obtaining images of the spine, which can determine localization and size of the hernia. The same applies to courses of massage and manual therapy only after consultation with a neurosurgeon, who will give its opinion, should go to a chiropractor.
Apply ointments and rubbing as in the acute phase and in remission – you can use anti-inflammatory and painkillers, and you can prepare compresses and ointments on their own. Collect herbs with anti-inflammatory action – birch, Bur marigold, celandine, dandelion, wormwood, etc., Prepare an infusion and RUB it into the spine. Compresses of horse helps relieve pain, keep their needs at least two days. Alternating compresses of pine oil and honey has on the condition of the tissues favorable action leaving the inflammation, stopping the pain.
The operational method of treatment of a hernia involves the removal of the deformed vertebral disc. Method is inefficient and fraught with a number of complications.