You will need
  • - application for closing of account;
  • the amount of funds remaining in the account;
  • - approved limit on cash balances.
In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation the contract of the Bank accountand may be terminated by agreement of the parties, at the initiative of the Bank or the client. To close the RAaccountcent accountand contact the Bank with the statement for termination of the contract of Bank account. The contract stops from the moment the Bank receives your application.
When you close the RAscoretion scoreand the Bank will give you the balance of funds available on the accounte, or transfer them to your specified RAaccountth account of another Bank. Cash or RAaccount- ing documents submitted to the Bank after closing the accountand will be returned to the sender with a note that the contract of the Bank accountand terminated.
After the closure of the accountand the Bank will notify the tax Inspectorate, Pension Fund and HIF. Notice of closing the accountand fill in approved forms. Examples of forms you can find on the official sites:,, in the sections information for the taxpayer and for the employer. Don't forget to report on closing of accountand those of your partners, because the details of your accountas specified in the contracts, in order to avoid further incorrect payments to a non-existent account.
For the late notification of the closure of RAscoretion scoreand the tax Inspectorate, social insurance Fund and Pension Fund legislation stipulates liability in the form of imposing a fine of 1,000 rubles.