You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the application for closing the settlement account or other document in the form of the Bank (to be filled in the office of the credit institution);
  • - fountain pen.
Come with your passport to the Bank branch and inform the teller about his desire to close the account. If the linked savings account, other similar document or Bank card, take them. All this - the property of a credit institution, which at refusal of services of the latter should be returned to her.
Most likely, you will be asked to write a statement and will offer a special form.
If the account fee is charged, better pick up a copy of the completed application (if this will not help in the Bank, find a copy machine nearby, the lack of such services is usually not) and ask them to make it a mark of acceptance. Known cases when the Bank "forgot" to close an account or a product such as a map. And then after some time when the accumulated amount of money, began demanding its return. And to prove his innocence former client was difficult.
In completion of all formalities, the Bank employee will check the application with your passport, will take tied to the account Bank records (passbook and similar; your copy of the contract for maintenance of the account and the annexes thereto remain with you) or Bank card with them.
If there were some money, the Bank should give them to you in cash through the cashier or transfer to another account, including third-party Bank. In practice small amounts it usually credits to your income.In case of debt it before you close the account, you will have to repay the Deposit money to the cashier of the Bank, through an ATM or the transfer of third party credit institutions or from another account in the same.