You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application form Р26001;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Complete the statement about the closure of SP forms Р26001. It can be found in the Internet or to take any tax office. Signature under the statement of work, better to do it in the presence of a notary, who will certify (visa notary on the document is mandatory).
The state duty for the closure of SP in 2011 is 160 p. the Details for the transfer can be found in the tax Inspectorate, branch of Sberbank or generate receipt on the website of the FTS of Russia with the service "Create invoice". Payment is best done through Sberbank, but from the account of IE (to close it you can and after the official cessation of business activities).
Bring the documents to the tax office. Depending on the region it can be on where you are registered or registered on - is the same, where you were registered as individual entrepreneurs. To clarify where to seek you, can help phone the regional Federal tax service, the tax Inspectorate or on the website of the FTS of Russia with the service "inspection" (if there is data on registered inspection, it is necessary to apply there). If all your documents are in order, within 5 days will ready your certificate of termination of activities of individual entrepreneurs, which you will receive on presentation of a passport in exchange for the receipt issued to you upon submission of the documents.
Within 12 days after closing of IE you should contact the district office of the Pension Fund with the passport and the certificate on the state registration of termination of activity as individual entrepreneurs. You will calculate the amount of fixed premium which you must pay, and give receipts. You can make payment through Sberbank.
You should then close the account IP and if you use the cash register, remove it from the account.
Will also have to declare the income received from entrepreneurial activities and to pay off his tax. If there was no income, submit a nil Declaration. But it's still enough time till April 30 next year.