First and foremost you need to formulate a reason that pushed you to this action. This may be a re-registration, liquidation of the organization or dissatisfaction in the service of the Bank.
If your organization has multiple founders, the question of the closing of the current account is decided at a meeting of shareholders (participants) of the company. A decision is made in the form of a Protocol.
Contact the servicing Bank. Tell us about your intentions and ask them to provide a statement and a sample of his fill. Note that the document must fill out the employee who has the right of first signature (head). Here you need to specify the contract number, Bank details and the reason for the account closure. If you have a checkbook in the statement specify that it shall be returned, and list the numbers of unused checks.
If your checking account has a certain amount, list it on another account or remove with a checkbook. In the first case, you need to issue a payment order in payment purpose indicate: "Transfer of funds" (the amount must be specified without the VAT).
After that, take the statement, payment order and cheque book to the Bank. From this point on will be launched the procedure for closing accounts. Be sure to ask about the timing of the operation, because you will need to notify various authorities on closure of the account.
Once you get the notification, fill in the message on account closing (form # C-09-1). Submit it to the tax office within 7 days after the procedure. Will also notify you of the account closure of the FSS and the FIU. For this you can use the above form, and can apply for a form instance. Make all forms in duplicate, so one must remain in your hands the corresponding on.