If you notice that your child is yellowed nails on the hands and feet, do not delay it, be sure to consult your doctor. Use ointments and gels for rubbing, suitable products that contain clotrimazole, naftifine hydrochloride and bifonazole. Massage the ointment into the nail plate and the top glue waterproof adhesive. Leave it for a day, then remove the patch, affected nails are immersed in the soda solution with soap and water and remove diseased nails. This procedure is repeated until complete recovery until you start to grow a healthy nail. If the defeat is not yet the intensive use of antifungal lacquers, containing amorolfine or ciclopiroxolamine. Use them for 6-8 months, and if the affected toenails, extend to a year.
In parallel with traditional methods of treatment of use folk remedies. To do this, use the foot bath and hands with the infusion of celandine, 3-4 tablespoons herb pour three liters of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. If the affected toes, wrap the foot with a burdock leaf,veins promnite hammer. Do this procedure 2 times a day for 2 hours. Well help bath of sea salt and baking soda, apply several times a day. Don't forget to wipe the nail plate with alcohol.
If you reached the long-awaited recovery, protect yourself and your children, use individual nail files and scissors, disinfect all the shoes and clothes. On the beaches, walking in sneakers, this also applies to swimming pools, saunas and baths. Do not let your child wear someone else's shoes, every day wear baby net socks. After showering or bathing, teach the child wipe dry interdigital areas. Feed your child a varied and healthy diet containing all the necessary elements: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.