Getting a burn on the retina, the patient often for a few hours feeling OK. And only in the evening appear painful, sharp feeling of pain and burning sensation. To go to the doctor on the same day is not normally possible. Relieve the unpleasant symptoms can be in the home, but that's no reason to cancel the visit to the ophthalmologist the next day, as only he can determine the depth of the lesion and appropriate treatment.
Take an analgesic (diclofenac, analgin, etc.) and antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil etc.) funds. Darken the room or tie for dark eyes bandage. Make the eyes a cold compress. Doctors recommend that pre-drip antibacterial or anti-inflammatory drops, for example, cobracom, taufon, cipromed, tobradex, dexamethasone visine or. Well in such cases, helps tetracycline ointment, which needs to be put under the lower eyelid twice a day.
Flush eyes with infusion of chamomile or strong tea. To do this, take two cotton swab, soak their infusion and wash the eyes towards the nose. To enhance the effect of the active components of the extracts, they can be used for compresses.
Use one of the many tools offered by traditional medicine. Relieve pain if elektrofotografie help from the children's urine compresses, cabbage leaves, grated potatoes.
To speed up healing, apply ointment that accelerates the regeneration of cells, for example, aktovegin or solkoseril. On the street some time, you should only appear in the sunglasses.