You will need
  • polymer varnish;
  • - tinting paste;
  • coloured grout.
Learn the techniques of processing tile joints and try to prevent errors during the repair. To the light color grout in the future is not changed, after removal of excess mixture from the tiles and smooth the joints be sure to remove the moisture gathered between the tiles. When joints are completely dry, it is advisable to grind them using a cotton cloth. If the room is dry, the seams moisturize, but only after 2-3 hours after grouting works. Use only clean water, or white mixture can be painted.
Apply on stained grout joints specialized glossy varnish for tiles, designed to give the veneer a decorative effect "smooth stone". Choose products of famous brands (such as "paint", Mapei, Cargo, Derufa, and others) and follow the manufacturer's instructions. This tool is able to update an ugly color of grout, to give it gloss. In addition, part of the polymer will be protected from the fungus will penetrate grout mix and make it moisture proof.
Experiment with different tinting pastes, which are recommended by manufacturers for tile grout. In DIY stores you can find a rich palette of colors. With their help, you can prepare decorative grout mixture in white or reinforce the tone color. Usually in a small number of ready-made grout mass is added the right color and carefully is made. The resulting colored mixture should be gradually added to the grout and constantly stir until you get uniform color.
Verify the color of the grout on the sample of ceramic tiles to verify the correctness of the choice of colour. It is important that the resulting mixture was left on the tile with permanent stains. Wait until tinted probe fully hardens, its color can be not as expected.
Be prepared for the fact that a homemade colored grout may be dull, or potosky over time. If you want to nicely handle tile seams, it is advisable to splash white mixture and immediately buy color well-known company – it is reliable pigmentidega in terms of large-scale production.