You will need
  • - 1000 g of yarn of medium thickness;
  • - straight knitting needles;
  • - circular knitting needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - buttons.
Using a measuring tape, take the measurements. You will need to measure the circumference chest, hips, length and the sleeve length. Compare your data with the pattern in the magazine and make changes according to your size.
To determine the density of the knitting, link the specimen with needles, the size of which is specified on the label of your chosen yarn. If your sample differs from that recommended in the description of the model, adjust the spokes. So knitting was looser spokes take larger and make it more dense – less.
Dial the number of stitches for the front (do not tighten). Provarite 2 cm elastic 2x2.
Make the first hole for the buttons. To do this, close 2-3 loop (depending on diameter). Dial on right needle the same number of loops that you have closed and continue knitting elastic.
4-5 cm from the start knitting, go to knitting basic pattern. On the right side of the part make the holes for the buttons at regular intervals from each other. Next, tie the cloth directly to the neck.
10 close the loops and make the necessary obuvki in every second row. Compare your knitting with a pattern. Left shelves knit in the same way, but the holes for the buttons not vymazyvaja.
Dial the number of loops for the back and tie a rubber band 2x2 the same as on the front. Then continue to knit the basic pattern. Knit straight until neckline.
To form neckline close averages 18 loops and knit each side separately, making the necessary obuvki scheme.
Dial the number of loops for knitting the sleeves (usually 20-25% of the total number of stitches for front and back). If you gained 200 loops, therefore, for the sleeves you will need a 40-50 loops. 4-5 cm knit elastic, and then add 10 loops and continue knitting basic pattern to the desired length.
Machine sew the shoulder seams. Connect the middle of the sleeve with the shoulder line and prostrochite on a typewriter. Fold in half sleeve, front and back and sew the side sections and sleeves.
On circular needles dial loops at the neckline and tie a rubber band 2x2 facing. Knitting finished. Sew buttons.