To start htibnt what you want to open a salon. It may be a small Barber shop with a minimal set of traditional services (manicure, pedicure) or a high-tech health center with the devices for figure correction and SPA-procedures.

Room salon it is preferable to choose in a residential area or in the centre. According to the sanitary norms, the minimum area on the first job should be 14 square metres for each enough space 7 sq. m. keep this in Mind when selecting and setting of the room. Note also on the quality of the liner for hot and cold water, ventilation and air conditioning.

Of furniture and equipment for a beauty salon you need to purchase at least the Barber chair, locker for storing tools, hair-drier, klimazon and sterilizers. Typically the full cost of equipment for one job is bounded in the range of 1000 - 1500 dollars.

Manicure and pedicure requires a special chair and stool, manicure table, hot tub and sterilizers. Again, to each master according to the requirements of sanitary control, must have 3 shifts working clothes. A considerable stock of towels and napkins needed for the client.

Of course, the beauty salon should be shampoos, conditioners, mousses and various special funds. Well and magazines to entertain customers.

Fortunately, the barbers mostly work with their own tool, so that this expenditure can be saved. Although a certain minimum, of course, necessary.

Opening a beauty salon, also consider related activities, for example, the sale of cosmetic and medicinal preparations. The income from their sale is usually 10-15% of total revenue.

The process of opening a beauty salon is quite simple. First, you need to:

- to register their business;
- to register in the tax and social funds;
- to rent the room;
- get help from firefighters and sanitation.

Don't forget also that when you open a salon on the ground floor of buildings you need to seek the written consent of all the nearby neighbors.