You will need
  • - initial capital;
  • premises;
  • equipment;
  • - staff.
Pick up a room for a Barber shop. Choose the location so that the institution was to visit parents, even with young children. Allocate space for car Park. Provide a ramp for wheelchairs because the hairdresser can come the parents of two children, one of whom is very small.
Plan design barbershop. Focus on bright colors and playing motifs in the design. If space allows, make a game room for children. Purchase necessary equipment: chairs, shelves, mirrors, tools. Before each chair is advisable to install the screens through which the child will watch cartoons of their choice. Purchase a variety of toys that can also entertain the child during the haircut.
Choose staff who can handle kids. Hairdressers must not only be masters of their craft, but also psychologists, and educators. To keep the child in the chair during the haircut – a difficult task, and the behavior of the hairdresser in this case comes to the fore. In addition, the master Barber shop needs to be universal: to be able to perform a men's and women's haircuts, as well as to create elaborate hairstyles from long hair, to weave a variety of braids.
Consider ways to promote children's Barber shop. Hang a banner in several parts of the city. Print colorful fliers and distribute them at kindergartens, schools, circles, the centers of early development, and cafes. Advertise in children's magazines. Let discount cards for regular customers, for which the visitor must complete the questionnaire. This information can be used for analysis of the target clientele and greeting kids happy birthday.