You will need
  • liquid cleaner for kitchen;
  • - old toothbrush;
  • - sponge;
  • - rubber spatula;
  • - screwdriver or rasseivateli joints;
  • dry grout;
  • - prepared grout in a tube;
  • marker with white paint;
  • - suture colors;
  • - tassels;
  • - primer.
Make cosmetic update seams between tiles. For this, thoroughly rinse the tile gap. Use the liquid cleaner for the kitchen. Look at the label, it must dissolve greasy dirt. It is very convenient to work if the liquid is in the tank with the spray. Spray the tiles and seams, take an old toothbrush or a sponge with a hard side and RUB the grout. Then all wash water and dry. Cover the seam with paint.
Use a special marker for the stitches, if you have white grout. Squeezing out spray white paint over the seams. Wipe off excess paint with a sponge.
For colored grout, apply suture of paint. They come in different colors. You can choose the desired color. Paint is sold in small jars, is applied to the seam of the usual brush for painting. When the paint between the tiles dries, sprinkle it with water from a flower spray bottle and wipe the excess with a sponge for washing dishes.
Use complex, but the most reliable way to update seams between tiles – it is a complete replacement of the old grout to a new one. Especially, if you notice in the tile space moldy spots. In this case, the cosmetic updates will help only for a short time. The fungus is deep, it must be destroyed.
Remove the old grout. This can be done with a special tool – rasseivatelei seams. If you don't have one, use a thin screwdriver. Clean the seam carefully not to damage the edge of the tile. To complete processing of cleared stitches you can use the old vacuum cleaner. He'll suck the remnants of dust and dirt between the tiles.
Prime thin brush tile space. If necessary, treat it with an antifungal compound. Let the surface dry completely.
Spread the grout with the desired color. With a rubber spatula, RUB the mass into the joints between the tiles. Immediately remove with a dry sponge the excess grout that gets on tile. Try to make everything as clean, or dried grout is difficult to remove from ceramic.