Do not breed from the entire bag. Measure the desired amount for the work (about 0.5 kg), grout dries quickly, and further adding water greatly spoils its protective properties.Prepare a small container with a lid. Pour the required amount of water (see directions) and sprinkle in there dry mix grout.
Mix thoroughly with a trowel mix with a spatula or mixer until smooth and elastic mass.
Leave the grout for 5 minutes to swell, then stir again and immediately use. Prepared grouting mixture maintains its properties for 2 hours at a temperature of 200 C in a closed lid container.Before applying the grout between the tile seams need to be properly prepared them for work. The joints should be free from dirt and dust, wipe with a wet sponge.
After the grout has hardened, after 10-12 hours, the excess must be removed from tiles with a damp sponge.To prevent contamination of the joints or change their color, the grout should be primed with special primer to welds. The seams are primed after drying of the grout with a thin paintbrush.