You will need
  • - rubber spatula or a plastic card with smooth edges;
  • - a sheet of plywood or MDF the size of the rear wall of the aquarium;
  • - adhesive tape-a background for aquariums.
Sticking to the basis for the subsequent fixing it to the wall of the aquarium with external parties:

Cut out the base for sticking the film to the exact size of the rear wall of the aquarium of thin plywood or fiberboard cragis (in the extreme case, cardboard).
как склеить аквариум
Clean the surface dry.
как клеится фон к аквариуму
Loosen the edge of the adhesive film pattern from the protective layer no more than 2-3 cm from the narrow side. The operation you need to perform fast enough, since the adhesive layer of the film dries out quickly and loses its ability to adhere.
устройство двойного фона в аквариуме
Apply the free adhesive side of the tape to the base and press it, smoothing out with a rubber spatula or a plastic card over the entire area of small strips glued surface.
закрепить картинку на аквариуме
Next peel off 2-3 cm of the film, pulling it across the width, press it with a spatula, levelling surfaces and squeezing out the air between them.
фоновая пленка для аквариума как правильно наклеять
Cut off the excess part of the film, or carefully fold and glue to the back of the base.
Attach the resulting background tightly to the frame of the aquarium with tape so that it is as closed rear wall.
For bonding the film directly to the rear wall of the aquarium inside it, or outside:

Use the above technology of sticking film. It should be remembered that subsequently to remove it will not be easy. This option is for those who do not like to frequently change the interior of the tank.
Sticking with tape:
It is also possible to fix the piece of film on the perimeter of the outside of the back wall of the aquarium double-sided or regular Scotch tape.