Advice 1: How to glue ORACAL

Self-adhesive film ORACAL found wide application in many areas of formicella due to the unique properties of the coating, and easy to use. It is often used in advertising technologies, starting from the information signs inside the buildings to huge outdoor structures. The color palette of the film offers not only color but also texture of the coating. It can be brushed smooth, shiny patent, simulating metallic coating or even a reflective surface of the film. ORACAL need to glue with the features of applying vinyl films.
How to glue ORACAL
You will need
  • Detergent
  • The solvent
  • Raquel
Prepare material by applying a film. Place it on a completely flat plane. In the case of worn-out materials abrade the top layer of dust, old paint and rust. The remnants of the contamination remove with detergent, then wipe with a solvent to degrease the surface.
On the prepared surface, put ORACAL, separating the protective film, and moistening the adhesive side with the solution of water with addition of mild detergent.
Unroll the tape gradually, pressing a doctor blade, and expelling air bubbles remaining between substrate and film. Try not to stretch the vinyl in this case, to avoid future deformation of the coating.
To accelerate the setting time, while not high temperatures, dry the surface with a Hairdryer.

Leave the finished design to dry and the adhesion of the adhesive in a warm room for a few hours.

Avoid sudden temperature changes at this time.
Make sure the wrapping surface compatible with vinyl films. Unpainted metals, polyethylene and polypropylene not recommended for registration by the Oracle.

The wet application method applies only in the warm season or in rooms with temperature below 18 degrees Celsius.
Useful advice
As a solvent it is best to use technical alcohol (isopropyl).

Technology sticker ORACAL allows you to apply a "dry method" of application, except for the wet processing of the adhesive surface, but it can apply only the most experienced craftsmen.

Advice 2 : How to glue stickers

Every car owner wants to make their car the best, not like other cars, attracting to it the attention of others and add to it some unusual elements. The desire to stand out has generated among motorists a lot of ways to decorate your vehicle and to modify its appearance, from the complex tuning to intricate airbrushing. All this costs money, but if you want to decorate your car, you can do it with less, using a special sticker to the vehicle body.
How to glue stickers
Special stickers for cars you can buy in specialized stores, and the technology of their bonding is reminiscent of the technology of application of tint film on the Windows machine.
To put that sticker on the car, you'll need a soft cloth, a sharp hobby knife, rubber squeegee, a spray bottle with water to which is added a small amount of detergent, and dryer, which is required if you are going to stick a big sticker. If you choose the sticker size is more than half a metre in length or width, have another person assist you in its application.
Before you put the image on the car, wash it thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth. Then the hood of that coat, wipe with white spirit to degrease and remove chemical contamination. To the application of the decals was good, the temperature at pasting of the car should not be below five degrees Celsius.
Note on the hood of the places where will be located the upper corners of the stickersto navigate and to apply it correctly and symmetrically. Mark with a marker the desired point on the hood and align them with the upper corners of the sticker, applying it as evenly as possible and gently just pre-attach the sticker without removing the substrate, to the hood to understand whether you like its location.
Determining the exact location of the sticker, remove the protective backing and spray water from a spray bottle the hood of the car and the adhesive surface of the sticker. Attach the sticker to the car, and then adjust its position – thanks to the water sticker is easy to move on the surface of the hood.
Smooth out the sticker to eliminate air bubbles. Then take a felt or rubber spatula and carefully smooth the sticker from the center to the edges. Heat the sticker in the process of gluing with hot air from a hair dryer.
On the uneven surfaces of the machine housing to heat the sticker and pull it, and then roll with a spatula.
Pasted the sticker again warm and dry with a Hairdryer and leave it for 15 minutes. Remove the foil, gently pulling it over the edge.
Spray the sticker with water from a spray bottle and apply again to get rid of remaining air bubbles. Clean soft cloth wipe the car and leave for a day in a warm and dry place.
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