You will need
  • Detergent
  • The solvent
  • Raquel
Prepare material by applying a film. Place it on a completely flat plane. In the case of worn-out materials abrade the top layer of dust, old paint and rust. The remnants of the contamination remove with detergent, then wipe with a solvent to degrease the surface.
On the prepared surface, put ORACAL, separating the protective film, and moistening the adhesive side with the solution of water with addition of mild detergent.
Unroll the tape gradually, pressing a doctor blade, and expelling air bubbles remaining between substrate and film. Try not to stretch the vinyl in this case, to avoid future deformation of the coating.
To accelerate the setting time, while not high temperatures, dry the surface with a Hairdryer.

Leave the finished design to dry and the adhesion of the adhesive in a warm room for a few hours.

Avoid sudden temperature changes at this time.