To decorate the bottom of the aquarium, you can use natural materials like bright stones, smooth or dented. Orange or red-crimson color of the stone will tell you about its richness in iron. The gem can be used to decorate the aquarium, because they will supersaturate the water with iron.
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You can also use shaped pieces of limestone, Sandstone or tuff. But first disinfect them, clean them with a stiff brush under running water until warm to touch and procalim 5-10 minutes in the oven.
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Intricate wooden roots – driftwood is also a good complement to the General picture of the aquarium. They also need a certain way to process. The first surface of the driftwood finish with a file. Giving it the desired shape, Polish (optional). Then boil the driftwood for 10-12 hours. Boil continuously optional. Can boil in salt water (on 1 l of water 30 g of salt). After the salt, immerse the driftwood in fresh water and boil it there. Change fresh water from time to time. When the water will cease to thicken, you can stop boiling.
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After boiling the surface of the driftwood it is best to cover with a thin layer of epoxy or polyester. Need it to snag in the water rotted. Caught from a natural pond driftwood to use the right thing. Is enough being sanded and 1-2 hours to boil in fresh water.
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The bottom of the aquarium and natural seashells to decorate. After vivaria them and rinse. Then the shells must be heated up. Just do not much to get excited about natural seashells – they deteriorate with time and saturate the water with calcium. The water in the aquarium, this is getting tougher. If you decide to use seashells in the design of furniture of your aquarium, put aquarium in a few plants, absorbing calcium Ceratophyllum, listanco, spring moss or horsetail.
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Very nice look on the bottom of the glass, rounded by the sea. They also boiled before laying. And don't forget about the ground. In the aquarium it is better to use a dark primer such as dark sea sand or sea gravel.