You will need
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - checkbook;
  • - power of attorney to withdraw cash from the account.
Get an indication of the withdrawal of funds from the account of your organization. An indication is given of either the Director or the person responsible for the financial flows of your company.
Fill out the check. Checkbook is a document of strict accountability, which is filled in accordance with Central Bank rules. If you fill out this document, fill it on the model, which can be taken in any branch of Sberbank of Russia.
Call the savings Bank and make cash withdrawals from the settlement account of the organization. According to the rules of service in the savings Bank, the entity must notify the Bank about the withdrawals, if the amount exceeds 30 thousand roubles not later than the day before the surgery.
Come in branch of the savings Bank. Refer to the operator serving your organization. Give him the check and the document proving the identity. In case you are not eligible first or second signatures requested to execute a power of attorney withdrawal of funds from the accounts of the organization. Give the employee of the savings Bank a power of attorney.
Wait until the operator will check the correctness of the cheque, the account balance of the organization, will make a note on the receipt.
Take the check and turn in cash, get cash.