You will need
  • - sprays, gels, traps for cockroaches;
  • - ammonia;
  • - a boiled egg, boiled potatoes, boric acid.
Bring cockroaches with a special gel, to which is attached detailed instructions for use. Cause it usually drops at a distance of 10 cm from each other around the perimeter of the room. If you use this gel you will see result already after a few days.
There are also traps for the roaches. They are small boxes with poisonous substances inside. Each trap has a small hole, in which freely penetrate cockroaches and eat poison. Then the infected insects bring the poison to his colleagues in the sabotage, thereby infecting them. Attach the trap you can anywhere in your home, thanks to the Velcro on its base.
Try to get Prusakov using special aerosols. Spray toxic substance in the favorite places of cockroaches: in the corners, cracks, baseboards, door jambs, and wait for the death of the pests. If your home has small children and Pets, this way of fighting is not suitable for you. On the same principle of getting rid of cockroaches and poisonous crayons work.
Very afraid of cockroaches smell of ammonia. So from time to time add a few drops of this substance into water, where you wash the floor.
Try to get Prusakov with a single effective folk remedies. Mix three ingredients: boiled eggs, finely chopped boiled potatoes and boric acid. Roll the resulting mixture small balls and place them in the favorite habitat of roaches. Even a simple touch antennae to poisonous ball of doom cockroach infestation. And appearing in the nest, he would transmit the infection and all its brethren. Do not rush to remove the poison, leave it at that if the cockroaches decide to settle in your home.