What dreams pig? The dream dictionary from A to z

Clean and pink pig, prividevshayasya in the dream, reflects a desire of the dreamer to engage in sexual relations with the first man. No need to go on about their own desires, it is better to turn your head and think about the possible consequences of such an act: conflicts, gossip and a damaged reputation. Dirty and ugly pig in the dream speaks of the future problems arising because of the stubbornness and intransigence of the dreamer.

To understand in the dream that the pig was talking to the great happiness in the future. The success and good prospects will be the envy of some of the people around the dreamer. If in the dream, feed the pig, in reality you should expect some kind of trick on the part of colleagues. Buy in sleep pig – to improve their well-being, and cut the animal to the material and financial losses. Eat roasted pig – to a prosperous life, luck and love.

What have the pigs? Dream Interpretation Freud

Legendary scientist Sigmund Freud to interpret these dreams in his characteristic manner. For example, a dirty dream of piglets should be interpreted as a lack of purity and sincerity in a love relationship of the dreamer with some people that even sex needs to be sincere! Clean and pink pigs talking about full understanding in the sexual life of the dreamer: the lovers satisfied each other with a vengeance.

Pigs in a dream. A modern dream book

The interpreters of the dreams in agreement with the majority of his colleagues: fed and healthy pigs symbolize luck and prosperity in life. Pigs wallowing in a muddy puddle, symbolize bad changes in reality: perhaps the friends of the dreamer trying to make him miserable for their bad influence. It is not necessary to continue communication with such "friends".

Young girls dream pigs priznannoy appearance in their lives of a wealthy but avaricious and grasping men. His high social status and financial security not in force to make the young snovydiv happy, so do not treat this dream as favorable. Sleep eating tasty roasted pig – a long road.

Pigs on dream interpretation miss Hasse

Interpreters of this dream called piglets harbingers of curious and amazing events in life. To feed in sleep pig – not a good sign: in reality should be wary of dirty tricks against envy. People who want the dreamer of evil are with him. You need to understand and calculate detractors. Sleep eating roasted pig and delicious – for emotional loss, and feelings to physical pain.