You will need
  • - a rubber brush or a school eraser;
  • soap, ammonia, brush, water repellent agent;
  • - coffee grounds, wire brush;
  • - penosital;
  • - refined gasoline, talcum powder, brush.
Before you begin cleaning your suede shoes, you need them to dry. Otherwise the wet mud will soak into the fluffy, soft material, and in this case you will have to put a lot of effort to get rid of contaminants. Small stains can be removed with a rubber brush (you can substitute a school eraser or crumb of white bread), it should be soft enough not to damage the material, and at the same time tough enough to cope with the pollution.
Suede shoes is quite simple to clean if first, hold them over steam and then brush with a special brush for suede. Heavily soiled shoes can be cleaned with soapy water, which added a few drops of ammonia. After the shoes are cleaned and dried, treat them with water-repellent tool for this type of material.
Shoes brown suede should be cleaned with a sponge or brush dipped in fresh tea leaves, it not only will help to cope with stubborn contamination, but also greatly refresh the color of the Shoe. After the sediment dries, clean it with a stiff brush.
As cleaning products for suede shoes are ideal penosital, which tend to deeply cleanse the nappy material. After the processing of the tool and drying your shoes re-acquire a bright and deep color.
Spots formed on suede shoes can be removed if you RUB the contaminated area with a cotton swab dipped in the purified aviation gasoline. Similarly, it is possible to remove random grease stains. In this case, copes talc, sprinkled on the pollution and gently RUB, brush off the talcum powder, and pour a new one. Leave the shoes alone for a few hours away from the batteries and other heating appliances, then brush rubberized brush.