You will need
  • thick knitting needles and yarn;
  • - darning needle.
Start knitting on big needles from No. 6 to 15 with the corresponding yarn. Recommended the most simple patterns: knit garter (every row is the front loops), knit socks (in facial series – facial, purl – purl loops), and also any kind of gum. Complicated reliefs will make the product too bulky and can look ugly.
Try to keep all the loops on the canvas came out the same size as your errors is a large binding will be immediately evident, as under a magnifying glass.
Use circular needles if they have a volumetric product. Do them forward and backward ranks. To work with usual spokes №№ 10-15, you will be uncomfortable – the thing will get pretty heavy.
Choose simple shapes krupnorazmernyh models. For example, tie the cap is rectangular in shape with elastic-headband. Start knitting with gum 1x1 (front-back) height of about 3 cm, then bind the canvas the desired height and close the loop. Do the joints from the inside of the product – and you have a stylish hat that you can make in one evening.
Try pairing a large viscous the hat more feminine shape. It can be done on knitting needles No. 10 garter viscous. Optimal density knitting 17 rows and 8-loops in a square 10x10 cm
Dial on the spokes of the right number of stitches (calculation of the lead based on the density of the knitting and head circumference at the forehead above the eyebrows, and the most prominent the neck).
Tie large garter viscous fabric approximately 23 cm tall.
Next interval, do the subtraction of loops: edge banding; steam facial; remove the following loop as the front; proverite the front and pull it the removed loop. Pulling removed through the front loops is called simple pull.
Knit the row until the end of the sample, reducing the canvas only for a dozen loops.
Provarite 6 subsequent rows in this way: the edge; facial; two adjacent loops promazyvaetsya together as the front and so on until the end of the row. You have to subtract another 10 loops.
Follow these 4 rows using a simple bench top, then do 2 more series, together promazyvaya adjacent pairs of loops.
When you have the last 6 stitches, pull them out and skip the cut threads on the underside of the leaf. Sew the product from top to bottom, then fold the bottom edge and do the connecting seam on the inside of the lapel. Hat chunky knit finish.