Snood for beginners on straight needles

One of the easiest ways to tie Snood knitting for beginners – to perform a stitched accessory of the rectangular canvas. This is the best option, if you still do not know how to work in circular rows. Fashionable Snood is knitted from a thick yarn for knitting needles of large diameter, which significantly reduces and simplifies the work on the product. Usually scarves-clamps for an adult to have a universal size, however, it is recommended to determine the height and width of the necks individually.

So, with head circumference of 61 cm on the spokes №9 it is necessary to dial 54 of the loop of thick yarn. Knit Snood knitting for beginners it is recommended garter viscous – only the front loops. This fabric is obtained a raised and quite impressive it looks when it holds the shape of the edge. Tie a basic pattern rectangular item height 48-48. 5 cm, post and close the loop of the last row.

Fold the knitted rectangle in half along the Central transverse lines, then carefully thread from the working coil, and a darning needle sew the top of the scarf clip. Open lateral sides of the rectangular parts connect at the bottom, following the seam 20 cm in height. Carefully cut the thread remaining "tail" using crochet hide on the reverse side of the product. Remove the finished cowl.

Snood for beginners on circular needles

If you learn to work round, you will be able to tie Snood circular knitting needles No. 4 on the line, the product is obtained without seams and will not require additional manipulation of the needle. Start knitting the scarf-clamp set 160 loops, then run the elastic band 2x2 (sequential alternation of two front, two reverse loops).

After the first direct number close it into a circle and begin to knit a Snood round. When the knitted fabric will reach a height of 10 cm, continue in garter binding. When knitting cowl on circular needles to complete the basic relief pattern, you need to alternate the front rows on the reverse.

Make a garter knit fabric 20 cm in height, then again provarite band 2x2 a dozen rows and then close the loop. Carefully cut the working yarn, and veil the rest of the thread on the wrong side of the product.

Simple patterns for cowl for beginners

Crochet scarf-cowl it is recommended to choose bilateral patterns, giving the canvas effectively, the shape and sufficient elasticity. There are many variations that can easily master even the most inexperienced needlewoman. One of the easiest patterns for beginners cowl – gum 1v1, which is performed by successive alternating front and back loops. In addition, you can do the stretch fabric 2x2, 3x3, 4x4.

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Great for knitting scarf-cowl pearl pattern, or "rice". Rapport this simple topography consists of a pair of hinges in height and the same number of thread handles in length. Follow the pattern in the following sequence: first row, start with the front, then alternate the reverse and obverse of the loop; second row – purl and then alternating front and back; knit the fourth row as the first.

Follow a simple pattern for a cowl pattern. In fact, the pearl pattern is a "confusing gum" permanent displacements of front and rear loops, so the pattern is also called "thread waste".

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Checkerboard pattern (shown below) to cowl is also simple to implement and is perfect for beginners handy. Knit elastic band 3x3, 4x4 or with a different number of loops, until you have a row of squares, for example, of the eight loops in height and as many wide. Then slip pattern: purl over do the front, over the front – back until the line of squares will not line up in a staggered manner.

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The English band is one of the simplest options lush two-way elastic fabrics. This pattern often knit classic scarves, they can also be run Snood for beginners. In the first row of the English bands after the edge loops need to throw the yarn on the needle (yo), one loop to remove nepovezane, placing the thread behind the knitting.

In the second row make a yo, the next loop again, remove and thread the loop with nakida previous row together provarite facial. In the third row of English bands do the following sequence: a loop with nakida promazyvaya facial; fit the loop; remove the loop nepovezane. Continue the pattern for a cowl pattern.

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How to tie Snood knitting for beginners: helpful tips

  • When knitting scarf-collar in a circle mark the beginning of a series using contrasting thread or pins.
  • Recommended knit Snood knitting large diameter No. 3.5 to 10.
  • For scarf-collar choose double-sided textured patterns.
  • The best material for the cowl is warm, but soft and comfortable to wear yarn with combinations of acrylic and natural wool 80% and 20%, 60% and 40%, respectively.
  • Choose a quality thread renowned manufacturers, for example Arctic (Nako), Adelia Olivia, Wool-Ease Thick&Quick or other reliable brands.
  • Knitted Snood in wash by hand in warm water with special detergent for wool and dry on a horizontal surface, having spread down a white towel.