You will need
  • - yarn (pulling a very smooth thread it is better not to take);
  • - working the spokes.
First, understand the terminology of the word "broach". It so happened that in knitting two completely different concepts received the same name. This word can mean part of the loop more precisely, the thread between the two stitches on the right and the left needle. This broach can be used when knitting for adding loops. To do this, grab the left needle, and pull the movement from yourself. On the right needle, grab the resulting back loop and pull the working thread on the front side of knitting. You got an extra loop on the right needle.
If by drawing you mean the method of subtraction of loops, note that they come in simple, double and even triple. Broach of the two loops (simple drawing) is performed in the following way. Provarite one loop of the front and slide it back to left needle. Enter the right needle from the front side of the crochet in the second loop, grab and pull through first. As a result, your second loop, you will not be able to purl in the next row, tilted to the right. Turned out simple broach.
To loop after promazyvanija was inclined to the left, insert the right needle through two loops and pull them through the working thread on the front side of the canvas. You got that two loops knit together.