You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - resolution;
  • - passport;
  • order or contract of employment;
  • - excerpt from the accounts.
To register in the municipal apartment of foreign citizens, you will need to obtain the consent of all registered in the space, notify the owner of the property in the face of the district municipality. Registration, you will be able to issue only if all issues a written permission. The administration makes a positive decision, if the social norms of the housing provided in your area for one person, will meet the requirements. If the cubic capacity will be reduced, and the minimum for one person will not meet the required standards, the registration you will be denied.
To register in the municipal apartment of a close relative, such as husband, wife, elderly parents, you will need the permission of all registered persons in the apartment. to Obtain the permission of the owner is not necessary.
If you plan to register the child, then authorization from all the registered is not required. It will be sufficient proof of registration in the municipal housing parents or one parent of the child.
In all cases, in addition to the permissions you will need a passport all registered and whom you prescribe for housing, extract from the house register and the account statement, birth certificate of children, receipt of payment for registration. Additionally, for registration of minors at the place of residence of one of the parents will receive written consent of the other parent, please submit a certificate that the child is not registered at the residential area from the second parent.
Remember that social housing is possible at any time to privatize. Privatization is open to all registered, i.e., carrying out residence in public housing, you may give part of the property of the registered person.