Signs that the immune system has malfunctioned, are not only persistent disease, but also fatigue, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue. The first step to defeating these challenges is to strengthen the body's defenses.

If you become sick more often, you need to enrich your diet with vitamin food. However, in the winter it is quite difficult to find products, having in its composition a storehouse of nutrients, so you should support yourself taking a comprehensive vitamin-mineral preparations.

Hardening helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the frequency of colds. But in this matter the sequence and gradualism. The process of cooling the body should be short and regular. It is best to resort to water procedures. Every shower ends by pouring cool water, every day lowering its temperature by one degree. After the procedure, wipe the body with a towel. After this you will feel a surge of energy and mood elevation. It is important not to stop tempering with a slight indisposition. Even if you are slightly chilled, so brief cooling of the body will not cause any harm. The suspend procedure is necessary only if high temperature and severe infectious-inflammatory process.

Another excellent remedy for frequent illnesses is fresh air. Active rest on the nature boosts the immune system. If possible, it is better to get out into the woods or the Park, avoiding walking near highways.

If these measures do not work, you need to contact the physician or immunologist. Doctors will conduct a survey and try to find out the cause of such a frequent disease. In some cases, may be appointed immunomodulatory drugs plant-based, but sometimes to deal with the immune deficiency is possible only with the help of serious drugs.