Advice 1: How to decorate a stroller

Stroller is not only a means of transportation of your baby, but also a huge field for creativity. You can give it some personality small jewelry.
How to decorate a stroller
The blue stroller, inherited from the boy, do with their hands and stick a basket of beautiful white daisies with yellow center. Flowers can be made of thick fabric attached with glue or sewn on.
Style stroller under the brand of the car. To do this, place the circle badges "Audi" or "Mercedes", and behind - the sticker in car numbers, where not only the number but also the text. You can find a selection of iron-on transfers of different sizes and content that will help you implement an infinite number of ideas. In a wheelchair can place the favorite cartoon characters, funny kittens, or other animals, flowers and plants.
Idea for parents who are concerned about early child development - attach to the stroller toys geometric shapes, letters or numbers to while Hiking kid saw them, could touch. Call him the items that fell into the pen. Over time, he will be remembered. In addition, this razvlekat child.
Apply their talents in weaving beads, macrame or in the creation of applications. Accessories, hand made, always encouraging a lot more and they can brag to friends, and command respect-in-law. So, any piece in which the above-mentioned techniques, give personality to the standard stroller. Most importantly, these items have been safe for the baby if he somehow gets to them. Things made out of beads should be placed in a completely inaccessible place for him.
When decorating a stroller, stick to the simple rules:

- to attach things only to the basket (no need to sew, glue or attach with staples or hood of the stroller, because then the fabric will lose its water-resistance, and walk in the rain would be problematic);
- carefully read the instructions for use of glue, which you will use (it can be harmful for the baby's health);
- do not hang too many toys on the stroller - close hanging objects distract the child from the contemplation of the surrounding world, but this activity is very important for its development;
- do not overdo it with the decorations on the stroller - all it is important to give taste and sense of proportion.

Advice 2: How to decorate a stroller for a pram parade

Massive street festival has long been a decoration of any developed city. Various festivals and parades delight and unite citizens. The most popular parades are considered family topics. The parade of wheelchairs, for example - it's not just a publicity stunt to improve the demographic situation in the country, but also an occasion to boast of their kids and a rich imagination. Having decided to participate in the parade of wheelchairs, it is important to consider all the smallest details - from the decorations to the outfits stroller parents and baby.
How to decorate a stroller for a pram parade
Decorate a stroller, you can use scrap materials - fabric, cardboard, etc. to start To define who your child is - royalty, a hero or heroine of cartoons or fairy tales, or maybe an employee popular professions or funny animals? If the child is dressed as a bee, stroller should mimic the expanded flower, etc. use your imagination and draw a rough version of the selected image on a piece of paper. Have patience and necessary materials. Invite to participate in the design of the whole family. Someone to cut, someone to glue someone to sew, etc. during the work, do not be surprised that it turns out not as you originally came up with. Improvisation within reasonable limits, does not harm anyone else.

Option 1. Cheburashka and crocodile Gena. Purchase or sew for the child a suit of Cheburashka. Dad can dress up in crocodile Gena, and the mother or grandmother - in Gibus. Because in the story a donkey was brought to the city in a wooden box with oranges, the stroller needs to simulate a wooden box. To do this, glue the body of the stroller cardboard (you can just put on top of an old cardboard box), razlikuje in the form of vertical plates, paint under the tree and draw something where the nail heads and the stamp. Inside the stroller put something like a straw and rubber balls that mimic the oranges. These fruits are best avoided - if the baby decides in the midst of the holiday to eat them.

Option 2. Doctor Aybolit. The child and parents should dress up in doctors. The stroller will act as ambulances. This again will need a cardboard box. Draw and cut out the Windows, paint the transport of the relevant identification marks. From black cardboard to make the wheels and glued to the frame. Instead of medical subjects, you can use military (buggy tank) or police clearance (transport, traffic police or PPP).

Option 3. Charming Shrek. They want chubby toddler is perfect for the role of the good-natured green giant. The carriage can be placed in a rotten stump or dead tree. Get the cardboard and the real branch. It is also possible to fit pram body suitable cloth with painted elements of the forest.

Option 4. The treasure chest is. What is the best treasure in the world? Of course, baby. For a child does not require special costumes, and most importantly, the clothes were elegant. And parents can dress up as pirates. The stroller need to decorate in the form of an open chest with gold coins. To decorate the case, you can use velvet fabric in rich chocolate brown with gold ribbons on each side and sewn with a paper key hole front in the middle. Instead of coins inside you can lay the fabric colors of gold or yellow shiny sew a couple of buttons so that the child could not to tear them.

Option 5. His (her) Highness. The stroller should be decorated in a Royal coach, the child dress up in a Prince or Princess, and parents to become ladies and gentlemen. This is the most difficult version of the design - the cardboard is misplaced, because it is too simple. Will suit all kinds of fabric, ribbon, chain, beads, three-dimensional flower buds, etc. On the roof of a stroller or to the side attach the crown from gold foil.

Advice 3: How to decorate a baby carriage

Child - the best decoration for a child's stroller. For mom there is nothing more baby, lying in a heap of lace. But to give children's transport elegant appearance, make the stroller not like the others, is possible and even necessary.
How to decorate a baby carriage
Think about functional decoration for the stroller. Such as fancy colored umbrella or rain cover. Acquiring these useful accessories can not simply protect kid from rain, but also to give the stroller an original look.
Stylish bag, fastened on the handle of the stroller is another fashion accessory. It is very convenient for spare diapers, bottles of water, wet wipes. The mother can hang it on the shoulder, going to the store. Bags, sold in sets with strollers, tend to be rather clumsy. So better make this a useful attribute by yourself or buy it in the store.
Toys are a great way to decorate a stroller and not let the kid get bored. Look in the shops rattle in the form of pendants that can be mounted in front of the eyes of a child. Choose a colourful toy with no sharp corners. Otherwise a toddler can playing to stab a pen and cry.
Large interior shops sell adhesive pictures for wall decoration. The drawings are varied. Look for suitable color and theme. They can decorate the side of the stroller. On hood better sticker to fix, when folded they pomnutsya.
Paint the spokes on the wheels of the stroller in bright colors or decorate with weaving coloured wire. In the center of the rim you can attach reflective stickers. Then the stroller will be visible even in the dark.
Advice for glamorous moms and babies. Purchase in cosmetics or clothing store adhesive rhinestones. One can put on the stroller, the baby's name, heart, pacifier, baby bear. Everything, on what the imagination will suffice. Especially stylish rhinestones look wheelchair colors dark blue, black, purple.
When decorating a stroller the most important thing - do not overdo it. Still, it's a children's transport, not a Christmas tree. Don't forget about kid's safety. In any case, do not use in the decoration of toxic or messy materials. The task of parents is to make the stroller convenient and harmless, and only then - beautiful.
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