The blue stroller, inherited from the boy, do with their hands and stick a basket of beautiful white daisies with yellow center. Flowers can be made of thick fabric attached with glue or sewn on.
Style stroller under the brand of the car. To do this, place the circle badges "Audi" or "Mercedes", and behind - the sticker in car numbers, where not only the number but also the text. You can find a selection of iron-on transfers of different sizes and content that will help you implement an infinite number of ideas. In a wheelchair can place the favorite cartoon characters, funny kittens, or other animals, flowers and plants.
Idea for parents who are concerned about early child development - attach to the stroller toys geometric shapes, letters or numbers to while Hiking kid saw them, could touch. Call him the items that fell into the pen. Over time, he will be remembered. In addition, this razvlekat child.
Apply their talents in weaving beads, macrame or in the creation of applications. Accessories, hand made, always encouraging a lot more and they can brag to friends, and command respect-in-law. So, any piece in which the above-mentioned techniques, give personality to the standard stroller. Most importantly, these items have been safe for the baby if he somehow gets to them. Things made out of beads should be placed in a completely inaccessible place for him.
When decorating a stroller, stick to the simple rules:

- to attach things only to the basket (no need to sew, glue or attach with staples or hood of the stroller, because then the fabric will lose its water-resistance, and walk in the rain would be problematic);
- carefully read the instructions for use of glue, which you will use (it can be harmful for the baby's health);
- do not hang too many toys on the stroller - close hanging objects distract the child from the contemplation of the surrounding world, but this activity is very important for its development;
- do not overdo it with the decorations on the stroller - all it is important to give taste and sense of proportion.