Think about functional decoration for the stroller. Such as fancy colored umbrella or rain cover. Acquiring these useful accessories can not simply protect kid from rain, but also to give the stroller an original look.
Stylish bag, fastened on the handle of the stroller is another fashion accessory. It is very convenient for spare diapers, bottles of water, wet wipes. The mother can hang it on the shoulder, going to the store. Bags, sold in sets with strollers, tend to be rather clumsy. So better make this a useful attribute by yourself or buy it in the store.
Toys are a great way to decorate a stroller and not let the kid get bored. Look in the shops rattle in the form of pendants that can be mounted in front of the eyes of a child. Choose a colourful toy with no sharp corners. Otherwise a toddler can playing to stab a pen and cry.
Large interior shops sell adhesive pictures for wall decoration. The drawings are varied. Look for suitable color and theme. They can decorate the side of the stroller. On hood better sticker to fix, when folded they pomnutsya.
Paint the spokes on the wheels of the stroller in bright colors or decorate with weaving coloured wire. In the center of the rim you can attach reflective stickers. Then the stroller will be visible even in the dark.
Advice for glamorous moms and babies. Purchase in cosmetics or clothing store adhesive rhinestones. One can put on the stroller, the baby's name, heart, pacifier, baby bear. Everything, on what the imagination will suffice. Especially stylish rhinestones look wheelchair colors dark blue, black, purple.
When decorating a stroller the most important thing - do not overdo it. Still, it's a children's transport, not a Christmas tree. Don't forget about kid's safety. In any case, do not use in the decoration of toxic or messy materials. The task of parents is to make the stroller convenient and harmless, and only then - beautiful.