You will need
  • - rhinestones;
  • - beads;
  • - threads;
  • - applications;
  • - the laces.
Focus only on your taste: if you decide to change your shoes, then you should stop on your way to creating the sneakers of their dreams. Embody the most daring ideas, look for tips in magazines and on Internet pages. Catch the inspiration in everything that surrounds you – even the simple pattern of the leaves may mislead you into a new idea.
Decide on necessary materials. You can use everything that exists in the world of sewing accessories, and more. Decorate sneakers with beads or rhinestones, they create a drawing from paint or embroider the new pattern of durable thread. Select non-standard items – feathers or buttons, if you want to create a totally unique shoes.
Let the paint dry, if you decided to decorate sneakers with the help of picture. Use the stencil, and then even if you lack artistic abilities, you can create the finished product. On top apply a layer of simple fixing varnish and decorate the drawing sparkles. Iron shoes iron and go for a walk in his new pair.
Embroider the sneakers with beads, or prepare them for applique. The picture can be embroidered directly on the Shoe, and can be cut from fabric. Buy her a cobweb adhesive to attach to the shoes. Handling requires no special skills: just first priotity cobweb to the reverse side of the fabric, after removing the paper from the bottom layer and then secure it to the shoes (you could also use iron).
Change the normal laces on color and other size is the most simple but also effective way to easily beautify sneakers. So you can create a new pair of shoes every day! Attach the sneakers and shoelaces favorite icons: they only demonstrate your personality and allow you to share with others what you want to convey to them.